Land Registration In Ghana – Complete Guide 2021



1. Do I need to register my property?


2. Why should I register my property?

a. Registration of documents relating to landed property is compulsory in Ghana.

b. Registration confers priority on the registrant. It confers priority over all other registrations affecting the same land.

c. Registration serves as notice to the whole world that you own the property.

d. When you register your title to a land, all other interests acquired after your registration will be subservient to your title.

e. Registration will however not cure a defective title. Thus, if your grantor does not have good title to the property, registering the property will not make the title good.


3. What do I need to register?

Deed Registration

a. This is the registration of any document affecting a land in Ghana.

b. It is compulsory and required under Ghana law to register a document affecting land.

c. A document to be registered must be proved on oath and must contain sufficient description of the land.


Title Registration

a. Registration of title to land is the foremost evidence of title to a land

b. Registration of title to land has the potential of curing defects in title

c. Registration is final and conclusive evidence of title and no subsequent claim inconsistent with the title shall defeat the title.


4. How do I register my land and what are the steps?

The body authorized by law to register lands in Ghana is the Lands Commission. Registration of land involves:

a. The conduct of a search at the Client Service Access Unit (CSAU), (formerly Lands Valuation Board), on the property to be registered to ascertain the previous ownership of the land and any historical transactions affecting the land;

b. Assessment and payment of stamp duty on the instrument/deed of transfer at CSAU;

c. Stamp duty is assessed between 0.5% to 1% of the value of the property;

d. The stamped document is then submitted at the CSAU for application for a land title certificate.


5. How long does the process take?

The process may take up to a year or more.


6. How much does it cost to register land in Ghana?

Various factors influence the cost of the registration process including:

a. the size of the property

b. the location

c. the value of the land

d. other costs such as stamp duty which is valued between 0.5% to 1% of the land’s value

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