Finding a good Artificial Intelligence (AI) lawyer in Africa

We have extensive knowledge and involvement in the AI field, actively shaping the market. Our expertise includes providing guidance to international clients as well as governments and industries in Africa, engaging in cutting-edge AI deals, and pioneering the use of AI in the legal sector.

Assisting businesses in resolving AI-related challenges Our experience with artificial intelligence is comprehensive. Whether you represent a government entity, AI supplier, or AI procurer, we have worked with similar organizations and understand how to safeguard your business interests.

Global reach for AI-related matters AI transcends geographical boundaries and often involves multiple jurisdictions. We have lawyers stationed worldwide who can address local legal issues while considering international and commercial implications.

Comprehensive AI legal services Our multidisciplinary team can offer legal advice on various aspects of your AI project. This includes safeguarding intellectual property, navigating data privacy concerns, managing cybersecurity aspects, advising on governance and accountability, addressing contractual needs, and providing guidance on ethical considerations. We emphasize unbiased AI solutions, stay up-to-date with evolving legislation and guidance, and ensure legal compliance for your AI project.

Expertise in AI ethics and governance We can collaborate with you to develop a customized AI governance framework and provide training materials tailored to your industry and AI implementation. Additionally, our IT and AI Law departments offer training for firms seeking to enhance their in-house AI capabilities, covering both technical and legal perspectives.

Specialized advice on AI taxation, insurance, and product liability We provide guidance on the tax treatment of AI, as well as insurance and product liability concerns arising from AI utilization in various domains, such as products, connected devices, IoT and autonomous vehicles, smart factories and cities, networks, and more.