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On March 21st 2018, 44 African heads of state and government officials met in Kigali, Rwanda, to sign the framework to establish the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) an initiative of the African Union and a new global trade player. The AfCFTA will come into effect 30 days after ratification by the parliaments of at least 22 countries. Each country has 120 days after signing the framework to ratify.

This will be one of the world’s largest free-trade areas in terms of the number of countries, covering more than 1.2 billion people and over $4 trillion in combined consumer and business spending if all 55 countries join. AfCFTA creates a single continental market for goods and services as well as a customs union with free movement of capital and business travelers.  The African Union agreed in January 2012 to develop the AfCFTA. It took eight rounds of negotiations, beginning in 2015 and lasting until December 2017, to reach agreement.

AfCFTA will accelerate continental integration and address the overlapping membership of the continent’s regional economic communities (RECs). Many African countries belong to multiple RECs, which tends to limit the efficiency and effectiveness of these organizations.

1.      Business Services

Foreign Market Entry Assistance

For companies thinking about entering new international markets or expanding their global footprint, our services include: 1) Market Research; 2) Business Plans & Market Entry Strategy; 3) Marketing Plans; 4) Project Finance and 5) In-Market Representation.

Export & Investment Advice

Are you a new or current exporter looking to expand into a new market globally? Are you looking for an expansion plan, an export plan or a sourcing strategy? Do you need to find a qualified buyer, agent or distributor? Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers leverages its growing network of professionals to help companies navigate unfamiliar terrain in some of the world’s most dynamic and fastest growing markets in Africa.

Company Representation & Lead Generation

Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers provides international representation services for domestic and international companies wishing to establish themselves in new markets.

PartnerConneX and Due Diligence

Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers can help you to identify potential acquisition targets, joint venture partners, contract manufacturers, representatives, dealers, and agents. The service extends to conducting a full investigation of technical and management competence, financial strength, reputation and market position – precisely in accordance with your requirements.


Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers’ experts have direct experience with commercial and investment banks, development banks, multilateral financial institutions, investment funds, and export and investment insurance agencies, and can help you raise equity capital, long-term loans, working capital and trade finance. Our services include: 1) Capital formation strategies and advice; 2) Commercial and investment banking introductions; and 3) Structuring project finance, insurance and contracting solutions.

Political and Economic Risk Analysis

Do you need live & up-to-date political & economic risk analysis, highlighting key political, economic, social, and security risks of doing business within Africa? Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers can initiate a political risk analysis and market intelligence project, which would complete an investigation of risks that could impact investments, resources operations, and industry of interest.

High-Level Advocacy

Do you have a business deal or an export/investment transaction, which is “stuck” somehow? Do you need high-level diplomatic advocacy or representation? Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers has former diplomats, senior trade professionals and international trade lawyers who have experience working with the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and Foreign Ministries of Trade, Industry, Foreign Affairs and Natural Resources.

Fact Finding Trips & High Level Visits

Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers can help you organize meetings and establish contacts with the local organizations and people that are important to you within Africa. If necessary, we can also accompany you personally on site or provide any translation services required.

2.      Trade Law Advisory Services

Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers’ network of experienced international trade lawyers have European and Asian legal experience and can help clients manage risks and remove barriers to trade and investments as they go to market.

Lawyers in the International Trade Law Advisory Group have considerable expertise in a wide range of international trade and regulatory issues, including customs, trade remedies, export and import controls, EU regulations and other matters involving WTO law or free trade and customs union agreements (such as WTO-compliance of trade regulations, strategies of market access for goods and services).

Our team members also have extensive experience in trade dispute settlement, government relations and multilateral affairs. They advise and represent governments, industry associations, small and medium sized enterprises and major corporations.

3.      Economic and Trade Policy Services

Sustainable Trade

Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers has experience with sustainable trade issues in developing countries in the sectors of agriculture, fisheries, forests, manufacturing, renewable energy and tourism. We offer advice and technical assistance on how to take advantages of the opportunities that arise in the transition to greener economies.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers can advise and assist companies to develop their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes which respond to the needs of the communities in which they reside and, at the same time, can promote responsible business practices and fairer trade.

Trade Policy Review

Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers is proud to offer Trade Policy Review advice to our clients. We use our experience working with the WTO to provide guidance on a state’s trade policy as it relates to the framework of the Trade Policy Review Body.

International Trade Negotiation

We provide International Trade Negotiation consulting to a range of clients. We can advise on best practices and advice relating to specific negotiations or settlements.

Food Security

Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers has worked on food security issues in the developing and developed world. We offer consultation to our clients on how food security can best be achieved.

Customs Facilitation

Customs issues can cause long delays and great expense. Clinton Amoo-Lamptey Barnsbury Chambers offers professional customs facilitation advice to assist organisations in their customs procedures.