P.R, Reputation Management and Marketing- Africa+Middle East

We are a one-stop shop communications solutions provider with a blend of deep local understanding and adoption of international best practices.

With our hands-on experience in planning and executing complex marketing and communication campaigns, we constantly work to project and improve the image of our clients. Over the last 10 years, we have been retained in some of the most high profile crisis management and reputation management projects throughout Africa and the Middle-East, exceeding our clients expectation with each project.

Services Include:-

  • Leadership Positioning- If you want to do anything – recruit talent, grow your customer base, expand fundraising, influence policy – you must be known. Through connections, energy and global reach, Clinton Consultancy can help you lay the foundation for trust and respect that undergirds every successful organization.
  • Crisis & Issues Management- Individuals and companies spend years building a brand, establishing their reputation. Then it happens — a fatal accident, massive attacks by activists, a major product failure— and overnight, CEOs and their teams are under siege. Clinton Consultancy can help handle issues when they occur and provide training so your team is prepared.
  • Employee Communications- Employees are the heart and soul of any organization, and aligning their behaviors with business strategies is critical to success. Our work typically falls into one of two main categories: business strategy and transformation communications or HR and benefits communications.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility- Clinton Consultancy helps clients create and organize their CSR strategies for maximum impact. Regardless of where an organization is in its CSR journey, our integrated strategies position clients to earn credit for their CSR efforts, build high-impact campaigns to engage their stakeholders and drive results that enable both business and society to prosper.
  • Executive Communications- The most successful leaders understand and embrace their roles as communicators. Whether to announce an executive transition or simply to raise a leader’s profile in the industry, Clinton Consultancy has an approach to help senior leaders identify their natural communication style and then create visibility programs that drive business results.
  • Market Expansion- Some events — many times a new product or location — become company milestones and are surrounded by opportunity and expectations that can make or break reputations. Clinton Consultancy ensures teams take a macro view, engage experts, take advantage of all media channels, and insert research and strategic marketing at every phase.
  • Corporate Communications- Determining the ideal structure and right resources for any organization depends on the organization’s strategy and values, its culture, legacy organizational structure and desired business outcomes. There is no one right organizational chart. Clinton Consultancy’s consultative process helps companies fashion the best structure, resource allocation and talent development initiatives that deliver on your goals.
  • Financial Communications- Clinton Consultancy works with financial and professional services companies to adapt to the new ways of doing business and communicating. The approach helps evolve their positioning in a way that fosters credibility and reputation — and cut through competition to articulate their value in a manner that drives business goals.

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