Ghana Incentives Inventory

The Inventory of Investment incentives can be found on the GIPC investment incentives page. Also, kindly find attached the following Ghana Investment Incentives documents in PDF and Excel -contents of which were drafted by Clinton Consultancy’s Partner, Ms. Bianca Akweley Clinton:
The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) is committed to showcasing Ghana as an influential leader for doing business in Africa. One of the ways GIPC is advancing transparency on its investment policy is through this publication of a comprehensive list of investment incentives made available to investors by the Government of Ghana. The list will be updated periodically to reflect the latest policies and data. 
By serving as a one-stop, centralized access point for information on incentives, the inventory aims to support GIPC’s efforts in attracting and growing investment in Ghana while creating jobs and supporting businesses. The inventory includes information on the type of incentives offered, their eligibility criteria, the relevant laws and regulations, and links to further information. This inventory is an evolving document that we at GIPC are continuing to refine with your contribution. Please feel free to contact us at relating to any investment incentives available in Ghana not captured in the table below or any changes you would like to suggest.