Escrow Agent, Trust and Fiduciary Services

Services provided by Clinton Consultancy

Clinton Consultancy offers trust, fiduciary, escrow and advisory services to clients


Our focus is to provide superior service for each and every situation, to ensure each escrow transaction is handled with accuracy and attention to detail.

Our services include:

Preparation of an escrow agreement structured to accommodate the escrow parties
Customization of escrow agent duties to comply with each unique escrow transaction
Deposit, hold, and disburse escrow funds in accordance with the escrow agreement.

Our services are utilized by parties involved in various transactions, including:
Mergers and Acquisitions
Earnest Money, Earn Out Provisions, Escrow Holdbacks
Asset or Stock Transactions
Investment Offerings
Litigation Settlement
Lease/Loan Proceeds
Warranty and Indemnification Requirements
Liquidation of Funds
Divorce Settlements
Other various business transactions


What we can do for you

  • Administer and manage trust assets in accordance with trust document(s)
  • Ensure a stable and continuous trust relationship for your beneficiaries
  • Give you the superior service you expect from a law firm known for exceptional value
  • Offer fiduciary and escrow services to commercial clients who may require such services in particular transactions where a trusted third party is needed as an intermediary between the parties
  • Fiduciary holding of assets

Why choose us for trusts

Know that you’ll have the support of a registered law firm with exceptional procedures in place to manage your trust. We offer a reliable trustee service which guarantees confidentiality and efficiency and we work with professionals in the accounting and banking sector which allows for a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that trusts are properly managed.

Receive personal assistance as you determine your level of involvement and the trustee arrangement that works best for you.

Keep more of your trust’s money working for your beneficiaries with our low expenses and reasonable fees that have no hidden charges.