Oil, Gas and Marine Industry

We advise the leading oil field services company in the world to provide marine transportation services to oil companies in Ghana.

Clinton Consultancy also offers legal and business advice on every aspect of the international oil and gas life cycle-exploration, discovery, authorization, development, production, evacuation of production, marketing and sale of production, transportation and abandonment/decommissioning.

Members of Chambers have experience, training and fundamental insight into:-

·       The contract matrix and key agreements in the international oil and gas industry

·        The relationship matrix in the international oil and gas industry from a contractual and corporate perspective

·       The legal and tax regime of Ghana’s upstream oil and gas industry

·       Corporate Social Responsibility

We are regularly engaged to undertake the following and more:-

·       Registration of companies

·       Drafting and reviewing of agreements such as confidentiality and non-circumvention agreements etc.

·       Compliance with local content laws

·       Labour issues

·       Immigration issues for expatriate staff

·       Collaboration with Investors foreign advisers 

·       Reviewing of equipment supply/leasing agreements 

·       General corporate litigation and advice

·       Tax advice

·       Reviewing and advising  lenders on security documentation

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